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We do our best work every day to constantly build on our customers' trust and continuously exceed their requirements.

Consulting & Sales Team

Our consulting & sales team will also be happy to assist you with your needs analysis.  

Marcel Sommer

Marcel Summer

Managing Director
Mobile: +41 79 444 69 59
Email: marcel.sommer@kwzag.ch

Biserka Müller

Biserka Müller

Regional Manager Consulting & Sales
Mobile: +41 79 484 08 39
Email: biserka.mueller@kwzag.ch

Andreasa Wehrli

Andreas Wehrli

Regional Manager Consulting & Sales
Mobile: +41 79 581 38 64
Email: awehrli@kwzag.ch

Loris Farago

Loris Farago

Regional Manager Consulting & Sales
Mobile: +41 76 465 43 32
Email: loris.farago@kwzag.ch

Thierry Grandchamp

Thierry Grandchamp

Regional Manager Consulting & Sales Key Accounts
Mobile: +41 78 609 55 17
Email: thierry.grandchamp@kwzag.ch

Pietro Capone

Pietro Capone

Head of Service & Logistics
Mobile: +41 76 491 64 30
Email: pietro.capone@kwzag.ch

Mission Statement


KWZ's corporate culture is characterised by three principles.



We want to focus our products, advice and service on the customer and further develop their performance. We achieve this through our own expertise and by perceiving the customer's perspective.


Environment and energy

We ensure that all legal obligations are met and are committed to resource consumption. Emissions and waste are reduced as far as possible or ideally avoided.


Occupational safety and health

We strive for products and their handling that do not impair people's health. We pay attention to dosage, ergonomics, error prevention and pleasure in use.

Certified systems


Certified systems

Providing first-class quality services is no longer enough in the facility services industry. Equally important are occupational safety, environmental protection and energy as well as ethics. These aspects form the backbone of the certified management system of the gammaRenax Group, to which KWZ also belongs.



Quality management (ISO 9001):

We meet high standards for the benefit of all stakeholders beyond the corporate duty of care. With the active participation of all stakeholders, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Ensure continuity, best practice & leadership
  • Proactivity, Suggestion & Capture Customer Viewpoint
  • Promotion of personal responsibility, self-reflection &

Goal: High customer satisfaction >90%


Environmental and energy management (ISO 14001 / ISO 50001):

An economical and sensible use of resources has a positive effect on the health of our staff, the wallets of our customers and the environment, as well as on energy consumption.

  • Understanding of the framework conditions & interrelationships
  • Develop efficient, technical and methodical solutions
  • Awareness raising & involvement of all stakeholders

Target: KPI improvement of 3% per year (revenue-adjusted)


Occupational Safety & Health (ISO 45001):

Occupational safety and keeping our employees healthy are indispensable components of our corporate responsibility.

  • Recognition of hazards and their relevance
  • Definition & implementation of effective working methods
  • Commitment & enforcement by superiors

Goal: Recognized in the top quarter in the industry comparison


Training (EDQUA) & Ethics (In accordance with ISO 26001 / SA 8000)

The satisfaction of our employees is just as important to us as the social responsibility of our company. Our approach to ethical issues is based on ISO 26000 (Business Responsibility).

  • Communication of own values & exchange with all stakeholders
  • Operation of a direct contact point: ethics@gammarenax.ch
  • Explanatory & consistent implementation of one's own values

Target: High employee satisfaction, fluctuation <10% / year

Company history


1973 wurde das Schweizer Traditionsunternehmen Kurt Wehrli Zürich durch Kurt Wehrli gegründet. Breit aufgestellt, verfügte es bereits von Beginn an über eine sehr umfangreiche Produktpalette. Hugo Wehrli, Sohn des Gründers, führte die KWZ AG viele Jahre lang und etablierte das Unternehmen als führendes Reinigungs- und Badewasserbehandlungsmittel-Unternehmen in der Bade- und Eisbranche. 

2004 clean&soft AG was founded as a subsidiary of gammaRenax AG to evaluate, procure, distribute and maintain operating resources and consumables. Soon, a further clientele was served with products and services. A core area for third-party customers was industrial hygiene.

Spring 2020 the merger of the two companies clean&soft and KWZ AG into KWZ AG Supply Services and KWZ Industrie AG.

In continuation of its almost 45-year success story, KWZ has focused on the benefits of its loyal clientele with "bronze, silver, gold and platinum" services. At the same time as KWZ's realignment, the product range was significantly expanded and its content revised. This is also reflected in the more intuitive product names, the new labelling and the practice-oriented application containers. A new filling and labelling plant, an analytical-chemical and an application technology laboratory as well as five warehouse locations in all parts of Switzerland guarantee a high level of performance. In addition, the company is committed to further training and standardisation, especially in the bath and ice cream sector.

Our locations


Proximity to our customers and regular personal contact are important to us. That is why we are there for you at 7 locations throughout Switzerland. You can contact us directly on site or via our head office - we will be happy to pass you on to the relevant specialists.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Schweizer Karte


Ringstrasse 15
CH-8600 Dübendorf
T: +41 44 404 22 88
F: +41 44 404 22 99
E: info@kwzag.ch

Logistics locations

1052 le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Chemin de Budron H16

3322 Schönbühl
Pit road 109

4056 Basel
Airport Road

6003 Lucerne
Bireggstrasse 2

6592 San Antonino
Via Industry 5

9001 St. Gallen
Vadianstrasse 59



KWZ AG is involved in associations

Joint commitment to the further development of industry standards; KWZ is actively committed to this through its participation in the following associations and federations:

SBV Badmeister
SFB Swiss Professional Association for Operational Maintenance
Corporate membership
SVG - Environment
Corporate membership
VHF Association Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools Corporate membership
GKS Society of Swiss Artificial Ice Rinks Corporate membership
ssth Swiss Association for Thermal and Mineral Baths Corporate membership
Corporate membership
BDS Federal Association of German Swimming Pool Masters
Corporate membership
Schweizerischer Kosmetik und Waschmittelverband
Corporate membership



Ringstrasse 15
CH-8600 Dübendorf
+41 44 404 22 88



Management system

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